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Another Speeding Ticket

Liz got yet another speeding ticket this week.

OK, she wasn’t in the car at the time. But the car is in her name, and I have always insisted it’s just much simpler if we pay the fine and say no more about it.

And anyway, I was only going a little bit faster than the speed limit, but the ticket says I owe them 45€.

I should have known better. I have made the trip to Bordeaux airport many times, and the limit on the big bridge over the Garonne has always been 70 kph. I just mis-timed my speeding up at the bottom where it becomes 90 again, m’lud.

The problem is that people haven’t learnt how to speed properly yet.

For the past few weeks, the general speed limit on single track roads in France has been reduced from 90 to 80kph. When it was 90 we all knew that we could probably get away with 100-ish.

You only have to look at the speedo on the car and compare it with the speed the SatNav says you’re traveling at to know that there has to be some considerable lee-way before they can say you’re over-doing it.

But suddenly everyone is afraid to go above 80, and for whatever reason, we feel guilty at even considering overtaking at that speed.

I’m sure, in time, we will get back to driving carefully above the speed limit.

But until we do, we need to re-think the length of time that it takes to get to places.

The journey to Bordeaux airport used to be about 75 minutes. It’s now an extra few minutes, and that can be the difference between catching a plane and catching a speeding ticket.

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  1. MICHAEL ROGERS on 17th August 2018 at 6:39 pm

    Well done i have all this to look forward ?

    • Jeremy on 17th August 2018 at 6:43 pm

      No change on motorways, but Angouleme to Chalais is now 80 max.

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